How to scan barcode from webcam or other device?

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Hi,I have some questions about scanning barcode from webcam or camera, how to use your .net barcode reader toolkit, and how to pass the scanned barcode images to your barcode reader library?

---- Ingemar


Hi, Ingemar.

Our pqScan .net barcode reader can decode the barcode image from webcam, the only thing you need is export the scanned barcode images to your pc, then our barcode reader software can read this barcode image and return the barcode data to you.

Supported all scan devices:

  • Barcode image scanned from online webcam
  • Barcode image scanned from digital camera
  • Barcode image scanned from mobile phone
  • Barcode image scanned from twain device
  • Barcode image from computer screen shot

If you used your digital camera took some barcode pictures, and you wanted to decode these pictures. Now you need connect the camera to your windows computer using USB or insert the SD card to computer, and copy the barcode pictures to your pc.

If you made some barcode photos in your hand phone(either android or iphone), you need export these barcode photos to your windows pc by wireless, bluetooth or some synchronization software.

Now you can recognize the barcode images scanned from other devices. In this way, you can read all commonly used 1D and 2D barcodes, such as QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417, Code128, UPC and EAN.

Here we supply some C# demo code, just make our barcode reader control load the barcode images you saved to your computer just now.

Bitmap image = Bitmap.FromFile("saved-image.png");

BarcodeResult[] results = BarCodeScanner.Scan(image);

foreach (BarcodeResult result in results)

Hope the C# code can be helpful.

---- pqScan Support Team

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