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Codabar Barcode Scanner for .NET

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Codabar barcode is a commonly used barcode type in some areas, like FedEx airbills, U.S. blood bank forms, and photo labs. This linear barcode symbology is self-checking and can encode 16 different characters, including an additional 4 start/stop characters (A, B, C, D). Due to its self-checking characteristic, most barcode standards do not define a check digit for it. Even though some standards will define a check digit, the algorithm is not universal.

With integration with our Barcode Reader SDK for .NET, C# and VB.NET developers can directly scan and decode Codabar bar code image and easily get its encoded information, no matter it has check digit or not. Now, you will have an overview of all supportive Codabar scanning functions as below.

Codabar Scanning Functions Provided

  • Support scanning Codabar barcode on images of bitmap, stream and string forms
  • Support decoding Codabar from PDF doc with .NET PDF to Image Converter integrated
  • Codabar barcode image with 180 degree rotation can be recognized as well
  • Choose to read Codabar barcode from loaded file only or decode all barcode types simultaneously

Different Ways to Scan Codabar Barcode

You may meet some situations for barcode scanning in .NET applications. For example, you want to recognize all Codabar barcodes from loaded raster image file or PDF document; you try to tell what barcode types are on your loaded file and are in need of getting its data information. Then, this part will illustrate how to use our .NET barcode reading library dll for these situations.

Know the Barcode Type to Read Is Codabar

If you are in such situation, knowing the barcode type on loaded file is Codabar, no matter one or more, these .NET APIs should be used.

public static BarcodeResult[] Scan(Bitmap bitmap, BarCodeType barType);
public static BarcodeResult[] Scan(Stream stream, BarCodeType barType);
public static BarcodeResult[] Scan(string filename, BarCodeType barType);

If you want to test our Barcode Decoder SDK for .NET in C# or VB.NET programming, please see C#/VB.NET Codabar decoding demo code here.

Barcode Image Type is Unclear

Of course, the bar code image type in .NET project may be unclear to you. Don't worry. We provide specific .NET APIs for such situation. You can directly use the following APIs to recognize and decode all barcodes on loaded image file or PDF document. All barcode names and data characters will be output as arrays simultaneously.
public static BarcodeResult[] Scan(Bitmap bitmap);
public static BarcodeResult[] Scan(Stream stream);
public static BarcodeResult[] Scan(string filename);

Only Have One Codabar on Your Image

We provide three APIs for one Codabar decoding and recognition. It will improve Codabar reading accuracy and it is suitable when there's only one barcode on your image.
public static BarcodeResult ScanSingle(Bitmap bitmap);
public static BarcodeResult ScanSingle(Stream stream);
public static BarcodeResult ScanSingle(string filename);
Here, you may have a quick look of our barcode reader online demo for Codabar barcode reading.

read Codabar in c# vb

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