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Hi,support, I have some barcode image files, but some of them are with rotated barcode in. Each rotation degree is quite different. While reading these barcodes, I found many of them are not able to be read out in my .net application, always return the null value. So can you tell me does pqScan .net barcode reader SDK allow to read barcode with rotation?

---- York


Hi, York.

Of course, pqScan .net barcode reader library can scan rotated barcode, but there is some limitation in the rotation angle. Not all the angle are supported in barcode reading, the limitation of each barcode type is quite different.

Here we list the all barcode symbol supported:

  • All the 1D barcode types(UPC/EAN, Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, Codabar, ITF 14): 0 degree and 180 degrees rotation are available.
  • 2D barcode PDF417: 0 degree and 180 degrees rotation are available.
  • 2D barcode Data Matrix and Aztec Code: 0 degree, 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees rotation are available.
  • 2D barcode QR Code: 0-360 degrees rotation are available.

So if the barcode image you have is meeting the rotating requirement above, our .net barcode reader is able to scan it out. If the barcode is in other rotation angles, our barcode reader control may not decode it.

To be the end, we post some C# example code to show you how to recognize rotated barcode in your .net program. It's just simple as reading other regular barcode images.

Bitmap image = Bitmap.FromFile("barcode-image.jpg");

BarcodeResult[] results = BarCodeScanner.Scan(image);


Hope the C# code can be helpful.

---- pqScan Support Team

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