This free barcode creator online demo is build in ASP.NET 2.0, written with C# code. In this demo, you can generate most commonly used barcodes(QRCode, Aztec Code, PDF417, DataMatrix, Code128, Code39, EAN/UPC). And we provide some basic barcode properties to customize the barcode. You can change the barcode width and height to encode the barcode with wanted size.

Choose barcode type
Input barcode data
EAN-8: allows 7 digits. EAN-13: allows 11 digits. UPC-A: allows 12 digits
Set barcode width
Set barcode height
Display human-readable text (for 1D barcode)
Use UTF-8 data mode (for QR Code)
Choose QR Code Error Correction Level
PDF417 Compact
Choose Data Matrix Shape Mode
Choose Aztec Code Layer Mode
Set Aztec Code Error Correction (1 - 100)