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How to Generate Code128

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Generating Code 128 in .NET is one of the generation roles in pqScan .NET Barcode Creator. If you want to encode Code 128 in your .NET projects, there is a good news that our Barcode Creator library can be easy to compatible with any .NET application. No matter generating Code128 in .NET Winforms programming or making Code128 in ASP.NET web site can't embarrass you. For more help, we have supplied C# and VB.NET tutorial in Code128.

More about Code 128

Code 128, a very high-density barcode type, is one of the most widely used bar code symbologies . It can apply in enterprise management, production processes and logistics control systems.

Useful encoding Code128 properties

BarType: Generating Code 128 barcode, you need change barcode type to Code128.

Data: All 128 ASCII characters (Char from 0 to 127). Our SDK will encode Code128 with Code Set A, Code Set B, or Code Set C automatically according to the input data.

Width: It's barcode image width. Code128 Creator will try to fill the width to paint barcode image, and if the generated barcode width is remain smaller than image width, left and right margin will be added into Code 128 barcode image.

Height: It's barcode image height. Code128 Creator will render barcode full fill the height.

ShowText: Whether display human-readable text in Code 128 image. If true, the text word will appear at the bottom of barcode image. Default is True.

BarcodeColor: Customize the foreground color of Code128 barcode image. Default is Black color.

BackgroundColor: Specify the background color of Code 128 barcode image. Default is White color.

PictureFormat: Generate barcode and draw image as Jpeg, Tiff, Gif, Png, Bmp format.

Useful encoding Code 128 Methods

// encode code128 and draw on Bitmap object
public Bitmap CreateBarcode()

// generate and encode code 128 to image file
publicvoidCreateBarcode(string filename)

// generate code128 and paint on Stream object
publicvoidCreateBarcode(Stream stream)

// make and create code 128 to byte[] object
publicbyte[] CreateBarcodeInBytes()
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