Can I use your barcode reading SDK in Mono?

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Hi,support, I want to make an android app with barcode reading feature. As a C# programmer, I'm accustomed to code using C# language. And I searched in the google, and found I can make app through Mono in C#. So I want to know if your .net barcode reader library is able to run in Mono?

---- Len


Hi, Len.

As you know, Mono is a free and open course project led by Xamarin, and this software platform designed to all developers to create cross platform mobile applications. It can be compatible with Microsoft's .NET Framework DLLs. So of course, you can use our .net barcode reader SDK in your Mono projects.

What's more, besides android apps, you can also generate phone apps in ios(iphone and ipad) and windows phone. All of these mobile applications can be created and coded in C# language. Really amazing, isn't it? So if you are a C# programmer, it's really easy to do. Nearly all the things are similar in the Visual Studio. First, import the namespace by "using PQScan.BarcodeScanner;". Then copy the following C# example code into your barcode scanning method. Simple to work.

Bitmap bitmap = null; 
FileStream fs = null; 
BufferedStream bs = null;

fs = new FileStream("barcode-image.jpg", FileMode.Open);
bs = new BufferedStream(fs);
bitmap = BitmapFactory.DecodeStream(bs); 

BarcodeResult[] results = BarCodeScanner.Scan(bitmap);

Hope the C# demo code for Mono can be helpful.

---- pqScan Support Team

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