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How to Generate Aztec Code

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Generating Aztec Code in .NET is one of the generation roles in pqScan .NET Barcode Creator. There are ways to encode Aztec Code in .NET Winforms projects and to create Aztec Code in ASP.NET Web applications. Generating Aztec Code using C# and VB.NET code is also supplied.

More about Aztec Code

Aztec Code is a two- dimensional barcode invented in 1995. Without surrounding blank "quiet zone", Aztec Code may use less space than other matrix barcodes. Now, the Aztec Code is widely used in electronic boarding passes in airline industry.

Useful encoding Aztec Code properties

BarType: Generating Aztec barcode, you need change barcode type to Aztec.

Data: Characters 0-127 are interpreted according to ASCII, and 128-255 are intrepreted according to ISO 8859-1.

AztecLayer: Encode Aztec can be compact code and full code. Full codes with less than 4 layers are rarely used because of an L+1-layer compact Aztec code can hold more data than an L-layer full code. So we provide layers with Compact (1 - 4) and Normal (5 - 32);

AztecErrorCorrection: Percentage of error correction words.

Width: It's barcode image width. Aztec Code Creator will try to fill the width to paint barcode image, and some left and right margin will be added into Aztec Code barcode image.

Height: It's barcode image height. Aztec Code Creator will try to fill the height to paint barcode image, and top and bottom margin may be add in the Aztec Code image to meet this height.

BarcodeColor: Specify the foreground color of Aztec Code barcode image. Default is Black color.

BackgroundColor: Specify the background color of Aztec Code barcode image. Default is White color.

PictureFormat: Generate barcode and draw image as Jpeg, Bmp, Tiff, Png, Gif format.

Useful encoding Aztec Methods

// create Aztec Code and paint on Bitmap object
public Bitmap CreateBarcode()

// encode Aztec Code and draw to image file
public void CreateBarcode(string filename)

// generate Aztec Code and paint on Stream object
public void CreateBarcode(Stream stream)

// make and generate Aztec Code to byte[] object
public byte[] CreateBarcodeInBytes()
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