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How to Generate QR Code

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Generating QR Code in .NET is one of the roles in pqScan .NET Barcode Creator. Developers can create QR Code in .NET Winforms projects and in ASP.NET Web applications. And we also provide C# and VB.NET sample code to guide you encoding QRCode easily and fast.

More about QR Code

QR Code, short for Quick Response Code, is a 2D symbology barcode invented in 1994. Due to it's fast readability and greater storage capacity, QR Code becomes very popular in the use of commercial tracking, entertainment and transport ticketing, and product/loyalty marketing.

Useful encoding QR Code properties

BarType: Creating QR Code image, you need change barcode type to QRCode.

Data: You can encode all characters in ISO 8859-1, and our SDK can decide which input mode(Numeric, Alphanumeric, Binary) would QR Code be. In addition, CJK characters are allowed to encode.

UseUTF8: If you need to encode CJK(Chinese, Japanese and Korean), just set UTF-8 mode to True, our library will generate a good QR Code barcode image to you.

QRCodeECL: Specifies what degree of error correction to use. We provide four levels: L, M, Q, H.

Width: It's barcode image width. QR Code's module size will be the most suitable value automatically though this width. So there may be some left and right margin in the QRCode barcode image.

Height: It's barcode image height. QR Code's module size will be the most suitable value automatically though this height. Top and bottom margin may be add in the QRCode image to meet the height.

BarcodeColor: Customize the foreground color of QRCode barcode image. Default is Black color.

BackgroundColor: Customize the background color of QRCode barcode image. Default is White color.

PictureFormat: Render barcode image as Bmp, Gif, Jpeg, Png, Tiff format.

Useful encoding QR Code Methods

// generate and encode qrcode on Bitmap object
public Bitmap CreateBarcode()

// encode qrcode and print to image file
publicvoid CreateBarcode(string filename)

// create qrcode and paint on Stream object
publicvoid CreateBarcode(Stream stream)

// make and generate qrcode to byte[] object
publicbyte[] CreateBarcodeInBytes()
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