.NET PDF to Text SDK Professional Software for Extracting Text from PDF Document in .NET
  • >  .NET development library DLL
  • >  Easily load local PDF file and PDF stream
  • >  Extract text from specified page of PDF
  • >  Extract text from whole PDF to text file
  • >  Output text keeping the original PDF template
  • >  Work without Adobe or any other PDF readers
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pqScan .NET PDF to Text Extractor is a powerful SDK for .NET Framework applications, providing users with well-designed APIs to extract text from PDF file (page). It's extremely simple and easy to integrate this mature SDK into your .NET, C#, VB.NET windows and web applications without any extra installation. You may have a quick evaluation by downloading and using free online trial.

Read and open PDF quickly
By using this senior library for .NET PDF to text extraction, developers can easily read and open PDF from file stream, memory stream and local file.
Extract text from PDF file page
PDF file page count is supported so that you may feel free to define one page to extract or a few pages to extract.
Extract text from whole document
If you want to extract text from whole PDF document, our .NET PDF to Text Extractor SDK can also help you.
Keep original text format
Text extracted from PDF file, no matter from a target PDF page or whole file, will preserve the original layout.
Various western languages support
PDF file with western language text can be recognized by pqScan .NET Library for PDF to Text Extraction, which include English, Spanish, German and more.
Independent .NET library control
Our PDF to Text Extractor SDK for .NET is absolutely standalone and doesn't require Adobe reader, Acrobat SDK or any other third party tools.


pqScan provides online tutorial for how to use PDF to Text SDK in .NET project. At the same time, Visual Studio .NET projects sample codes are supplied for free testing. For more details, please refer to how to extract text from PDF using C#, how to extract text from PDF using VB.NET and how to extract text from PDF in ASP.NET web program.