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How to Generate EAN-8

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Generating EAN-8 in .NET is one of the generation roles in pqScan .NET Barcode Creator. For developers, making EAN-8 barcode in your project using C# and VB.NET code are both supported. What's more, developers can use .NET Barcode Control to generate EAN-8 in .NET Winforms and .NET WebForms.

More about EAN-8

EAN-8 is a barcode with standard of European Article Number, but shorter than EAN-13. It was introduced for use on small packages where an EAN-13 barcode would be too large.

Useful encoding EAN-8 properties

BarType: To create EAN-8 barcode, select barcode type to EAN8.

Data: Only support numeric digits (0 through 9). And you need only input 7 digits, our SDK will add check sum automatically for you.

Width: It's barcode image width. EAN-8 Creator will choose the best module size automatically to paint barcode. So there maybe some left and right margin on EAN-8 barcode image.

Height: It's barcode image height. EAN-8 Creator will draw barcode full fill the height.

ShowText: If true, a human-readable text will appear at the bottom of EAN-8 barcode image.

BarcodeColor: Specify the barcode color of EAN-8 barcode image. Default is Black color.

BackgroundColor: Customized the background color of EAN-8 barcode image. Default is White color.

PictureFormat: Encode barcode and save image as Png, Bmp, Jpeg, Gif, Tiff format.

Useful encoding EAN-8 Methods

// generate and draw ean 8 on Bitmap object
public Bitmap CreateBarcode()

// make and print ean8 to image file
publicvoidCreateBarcode(string filename)

// encode ean 8 and draw on Stream object
publicvoidCreateBarcode(Stream stream)

// create and draw ean8 to byte[] object
publicbyte[] CreateBarcodeInBytes()
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