.NET Barcode Scanner Building up perfect quality barcode scanning in .NET
  • >  Easy to integrate into .NET programming
  • >  Quick speed barcode recognition and decoding
  • >  Support major linear and 2D barcodes
  • >  Completely .NET development library
  • >  Return multiple results for multi-barcodes image
  • >  Allow rotated barcode image scanning
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pqScan .NET Barcode Scanner is a superior SDK that helps you to develop barcode reader functionality in your .NET application. It includes intelligent libraries for 2D and linear(a.k.a 1D) barcode image recognition, scanning and decoding.

Compatible with any .NET application
100% written in managed C# code, pqScan .NET barcode scanner integrates well with .NET WinForms projects and ASP.NET applications. C# and VB.NET sample code is provided for your reference.
Quick speed barcode recognition and decoding
With quality and mature barcode recognition and decoding libraries, each process in reading a barcode is amazingly fast.
Support all popular linear and 2D barcodes
QR Code, EAN-13, UPC-A, Code 128, Data Matrix, PDF417, Code39, EAN-8 and Aztec Code.
Powerful Image Library
Includes library that reads from bmp, jpeg, png, tiff, and gif image types with multiple methods of image scanning. And scan barcode from PDF document is supported now.
Return multiple results for multi-barcodes image
Automatically identifies and decodes multiple barcodes in one image and output each result accurately
Allow rotated barcode image scanning
  • Support 180 degree's rotation of linear barcodes
  • Read 0,90,180,270 rotated QR code without margin

Supported Barcode Types

QR Code Data Matrix PDF 417 Code 128 Code 39 EAN-13 EAN-8 UPC-A
DataBar Aztec MSI Code 93 UPC-E Codabar ITF 14


pqScan provide how-to articles with C# and VB.NET sample code to help you on the scanning of each supported types of barcodes. Another article will suit for you, if you are interested in reading barcodes from PDF document.