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UPC-E Decoding in C# & VB.NET

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Linear barcode type UPC-E is a variation of UPC-A for a more compact barcode by compressing/eliminating "extra" zeros. Its data information includes 6 characters except the number system is 0 or 1 and a checksum digit. Both these two 1D barcode symbols can be decoded from image file in C# and VB.NET projects by using .NET Barcode Reader Component. More details for this SDK are depicted on this page: .NET Barcode Reader SDK.

On this page, you will firstly have an overview of what you can do with our SDK in C# and VB.NET UPC-E recognition applications. And then, C# and VB.NET programming examples are provided for your free evaluation. If you need more help of evaluation, please send email to

C# & VB.NET UPC-E Decoding Functions

  • Support detect and decode UPC-E 1d barcode in Visual Studio 2005+ C# and VB.NET programs
  • Set UPC-E as target barcode type and read this type only from image source with mature APIs
  • Read all (UPC-E) barcode types from image file and return array of encoded data and barcode name
  • Support main raster image file formats, like Gif, Png, Bmp, Jpg/Jpeg, and Tiff/Tif
  • Support UPC-E barcode recognition from PDF document in VB.NET and C# applications
  • Capable of reading and decoding UPC-E bar code with 180 rotation angle from image source in bitmap, stream and string

C# & VB.NET UPC-E Decoding Examples

C# UPC-E Reading Example

In this example, we illustrate how to use free C#.NET programming demo to detect and recognize UPC-E barcode from image file on your computer disk. As shown in this demo, robust .NET APIs can be implemented to customize a barcode type (UPC-E) to read from three forms of image source in C# programming.

public void ScanUPCEFromFile(string filename)
  // C# example for scanning UPC-E from an image string.
  BarcodeResult[] results = BarCodeScanner.Scan(filename, BarCodeType.UPCE);

  // C# APIs for scanning UPC-E from an image stream and a bitmap of image.
  // public static BarcodeResult[] Scan(Bitmap bitmap, BarCodeType barType);
  // public static BarcodeResult[] Scan(Stream stream, BarCodeType barType);

  foreach (BarcodeResult result in results)
    Console.WriteLine(result.BarType.ToString() + "-" + result.Data);

If your image source has only one UPC-A barcode symbology, you can use the following C# sample code. It will improve the accuracy of single barcode reading.

Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap("YourImagePath");
BarcodeResult barcode = BarCodeScanner.ScanSingle(bmp);
Console.WriteLine("barcode data:{0}.", barcode.Data);

VB.NET UPC-E Reading Example

Similar to above C# example, three .NET APIs can be used in VB.NET UPC-E reading project. But here's a difference. These APIs will read all barcodes on your loaded image source instead of reading UPC-E only. You may copy this VB.NET demo to have a test.

Public Sub ScanAllFromFile(ByVal filename As String)
  ' VB.NET example for scanning UPC-E and all other barcode types from an image string.
  Dim results() As BarcodeResult = BarCodeScanner.Scan(filename) 

  ' VB.NET example for scanning UPC-E and all other barcode types from an image stream or a bitmap of image.
  ' public static BarcodeResult[] Scan(Bitmap bitmap)
  ' public static BarcodeResult[] Scan(Stream stream)

  Dim result As BarcodeResult
  For Each result In results
    Console.WriteLine(result.BarType.ToString() + "-" + result.Data)
End Sub

For single UPC-E barcode recognition in VB.NET project, please use the following VB.NET sample code.

Dim bmp As Bitmap = New Bitmap("YourImagePath") 
Dim barcode As BarcodeResult = BarCodeScanner.ScanSingle(bmp) 
Console.WriteLine("barcode data:{0}.", barcode.Data)
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