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How to Generate Aztec Code in ASP.NET Web Server?

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ASP.NET Aztec Code Creator is one of the barcode generation functions in pqScan Barcode Creator for ASP.NET. You can create an Aztec Code image by using pqScan Barcode Creator SDK. If you want to save trouble, you can also use our ASP.NET Barcode Creator Web Control to making Aztec Code barcode.

Generating and creating Aztec Code use ASP.NET Barcode Creator API in web form class

Like printing Aztec Code image on .NET Windows Forms, users can generate Aztec Code in ASP.NET Web Forms. In this sample guide, we will introduce you how to create Aztec Code barcode in web page using C# language.

using System;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.UI;
using PQScan.BarcodeCreator;

namespace AztecCodeGeneratorInWeb
    public partial class WebForm1 : System.Web.UI.Page
        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Barcode aztec = new Barcode();

            aztec.Data = "pqScan123456789";
            aztec.BarType = BarCodeType.Aztec;
            aztec.Width = 300;
            aztec.Height = 300;
            aztec.AztecLayer = LayerMode.Normal5;
            aztec.AztecErrorCorrection = 33;


generate aztec code in asp.net

Making Aztec Code and painting it on web pages in Visual Studio with ASP.NET Barcode Creator Web Control

Using pqScan Barcode Creator WebForms control to generate Aztec Code image, follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the downloaded Aztec Code barcode generator package to your web project's bin folder.
  2. Add ASP.NET Barcode Creator Web Control to Visual Studio Toolbox.
  3. Drag and drop BarcodeWebControl to your ASPX web page.
  4. Copy "BarcodeWebHandler.ashx" file to the path where the web forms you want to encode Aztec Code images.
  5. Run the web application to view the Aztec Code barcode generated.
  6. To customize the Aztec Code settings, you can make changes in the "properties" pane or in the run-time code.

Encoding and painting Aztec Code on web page in IIS with ASP.NET Barcode Creator Web Control

  1. Download barcode generator package and unzip it.
  2. Publish you web site in IIS.
  3. Copy "PQScan.BarcodeCreator.dll" to your IIS bin folder.
  4. Copy "BarcodeWebHandler.ashx" file from downloaded barcode generator package to your IIS root path.
  5. Create an empty html in same direction level with "BarcodeWebHandler.ashx", and add the image code <img src="http://localhost:port/BarcodeWebHandler.ashx?BarType=Aztec&Data=123456789&Width=300&Height=300&AztecLayer=Compact1&AztecErrorCorrection=33"/> to the page.
  6. Viewing html page on web browser, you will see the barcode generated on the page.

Note: If you generate Aztec Code barcode image using ASP.NET Barcode Creator Control, both in Visual studio and IIS, you can specify the barcode image's src property to render a new barcode image by javascript, which is not refresh whole web page.

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