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Hi, support team.

Hi,support, I'm developing a small Windows Form application using C# .net. I need convert lots of PDF documents to image files. However, many of the PDF documents have some especial layout and style in. So I want to know if your .net PDF to image SDK can do this?

---- Arvin


Hi, Arvin.

The pqScan .net PDF to image library provides a solution to convert PDF pages to raster images, no matter what page layout, style, format or form, our library can render image graphics just as the original PDF page.

Here we list the supported UI format in the PDF document, after the converting, the image will keep the layout, color, font style and size of the special form.

  • Support PDF table(contains table header and table data) to image
  • Support PDF list(contains order list and disorder list) to image
  • Support PDF hyperlink to image
  • Support PDF embedded picture to image
  • Support PDF chart to image
  • Support PDF shapes to image
  • Support PDF annotation to image
  • Support PDF bookmark to image
  • Support PDF area highlight to image

In the following C# sample code, you can find converting PDF with special form list above to image is very simple and easy. And you can save and export the image to Jpeg, Png, Bmp, Tiff and Gif format.

PDFDocument doc = newPDFDocument();

Bitmap bmp = doc.ToImage(0);

Hope the C# code can be helpful.

---- pqScan Support Team

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