Can .net PDF to image converter integrate to Windows7 or Windows8?

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Hi,support, I'm making a WinForms application, I want to provide a PDF to image converting feature to this .net project. After that, I'd like to create a one-click exe package. So I'm wondering can your .net PDF converter be compatible with Windows 7 or 8?

---- Bard


Hi, Bard .

The pqScan PDF to image SDK is a 100% .NET library, it can be compatible with .net framework 2.0 and above, and is able to run in x86 and x64 platform. This .net PDF converter control can integrate to Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and even in Windows 10. What's more, if you want to install your exe in Windows Server Operation Systems(Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012), our PDF converter SDK is also supported.

Besides Winforms application, you can use .net PDF to image toolkit into other .net projects, such as WPF and web site program. In each project, our .net PDF to image converter allows you to separate your PDF documents out, and save the graphs to image files as jpg, png, tiff, bmp, and gif rasterized picture format.

Now we will show you some C# example code, it's easy to understand and use into your .net application.

PDFDocument doc = new PDFDocument();

Bitmap bmp = doc.ToImage(0);

Hope the C# code can be helpful.

---- pqScan Support Team

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