How to use .NET PDF converter in Mono?

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Hi,there, I'm developing an Android apk using the Mono for Android, and I want to add PDF converting feature to this apk now. So can you give me some C# demo code about how to convert PDF to images in the Mono?

---- Archibald


Hi, Archibald.

Please look at the following C# sample code for Mono project, it's just like what you do in the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. You can run the code for converting PDF to jpeg, png, tiff, bmp and some other picture format.

PDFDocument doc = new PDFDocument();
//you can call the file system to navigate to the PDF file folder

Bitmap bmp = doc.ToImage(0); 

Thanks for the Mono sponsored by Xamarin, developers can make cross platform application by C# language easily.

If you have interests, you can create an app through the Mono for iOS with PDF converting function. So that the app can run in the iPhone and iPad, converting the PDF in the mobile or Pad to image files. Besides, if you want to build a Windows Phone application, Mono can also help you to do this.

---- pqScan Support Team

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