Problem with converting PDF to image in Mac.

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Hi,support, my job is currently based on Visual Studio to convert PDF to images. But now, I have to move the develop environment from Windows to Mac OS X. So can you give me some advice how to do it using your .net PDF converter?

---- Magee


Hi, Magee.

As using .net framework library in the Mac Pro, Mac Book, iMac, Mac Book Air, there are two ways.

The first is using the virtual machine on your Mac, such as VMware, Parallells, BootCamp, etc. Choose the wanted Windows Operating System to the virtual machine, after that, install the Visual Studio in the virtual machine. Now you can using any .net SDK in the Mac, including our .net PDF to image control.

The second, if you don't like the virtual machine, you can make double operating system on the Mac, "Mac + Windows". While you starting up your Mac, you can choose which operating system you want to entry. If you select the Windows system, all the thing is just like in your windows PC. It's the native windows OS, so you can run our .net PDF to image SDK unfettered.

To be the end, we will show some C# demo code to you, which can convert PDF pages to various image formats(such as tiff, jpg, bmp, png, gif).

PDFDocument doc = new PDFDocument();

Bitmap bmp = doc.ToImage(0);

Hope the C# code can be helpful.

---- pqScan Support Team

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