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How to Convert PDF to Multi-page TIFF in C# .NET?

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.NET PDF to Image Conversion SDK provided by pqScan.com supports not only the conversion from PDF to common single page image file in C# like png, tiff, jpeg, bmp and gif, but also C# file conversion from PDF to multiple pages TIFF image.

As known to all, a PDF document may have multiple pages. If it can be converted to a multiple pages tiff image with the same queue of original PDF document, it's really a wonderful and amazing thing. And here, pqScan .NET PDF to Image Converter SDK is such a programming solution for this.

Before using this component library for your C# application, you need to copy and paste "PQScan.PDFToImage.dll" from download package into your Bin folder and add a reference to it. It can be fully used for x86 and x64 platforms under .NET 2.0 and above.

PDF to Multi-page TIFF - CSharp Conversion

The C# class code below introduces how to use our PDF converter software to render and convert PDF file to multi-page TIFF image file.

using System;
using PQScan.PDFToImage;

namespace PDF2TIFF
  class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
      // Create an instance of PQScan.PDFToImage.PDFDocument object.
      PDFDocument pdfDoc = newPDFDocument();

      // Load a PDF file.

      // Save as multi-page tiff image file.

convert pdf to multiple pages tif in c#

Our PDF document converter SDK for .NET also empowers C# users to set DPI property for output multi-page TIFF image file. For more details, you may go to page: How to get customized output image from PDF in C# class programming.

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I would like to take this moment to thank King, Mindy for what she helped for our project development, KIND, PATIENT, PROFESSIONAL. I also appreciate your .NET PDF to Image SDK and glad to recommend it to anyone in need. Edward Lynas