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How to Convert PDF to Image in .NET

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Do you have any trouble with extracting image from PDF document? Do you feel difficult to convert PDF file page to image? Now, they're no longer problems for you by using pqScan .NET PDF to Image Conversion Library. Free testing package can be quickly downloaded online.

Allowing for these demands, pqScan development team provides a complete solution for turning and converting PDF document page into common image file formats in .NET application. Both Windows application and ASP.NET web application are supplied. In your .NET programming project, pqScan .NET PDF to Image Converter SDK can be easily used with Visual C# and VB.NET programming languages.

Main Benefits

  • Change and convert PDF file page to most commonly used raster images in .NET, like PDF to Bmp, PDF to Png, PDF to Jpeg, PDF to Tiff and PDF to Gif. Note that, animated Gif image format is not supported.
  • Transform and turn PDF document to multi-page Tiff image file with the same page count.
  • Use .NET API to convert a defined PDF page to one single page image file rapidly.
  • Perfectly support PDF file written in western languages to images, such as English, German and Spanish.
  • Support converting PDF written in CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) language to images.
  • Able to specify the size of output image rendered from PDF document (page).
  • Don't need Adobe PDF reader or any other PDF document reading and conversion software.
  • Support .NET Framework 2.0 and above versions.
  • Support X86 and X64 platforms.

Useful APIs

Here, we will show you the most important methods of .NET PDF to Image SDK: load PDF file methods and transport PDF to image methods. After you loading a PDF document in your .NET programming application, rendering and converting them to image files is coming to you. If you need free C# and VB.NET demo codes for all supported PDF conversion, please see Supported PDF-to-Image Converting Types.

// Open PDF document from local file at disk
public bool LoadPDF(string fileName);
// Open PDF document from PDF stream
public bool LoadPDF(Stream stream);
// Convert current page to image file format, like Jpg/Jpeg, Png, Bmp, Tif/Tiff, and Gif 
public Bitmap ToImage(int pageIndex);
// Convert current page to image with customized size in Bitmap object
public Bitmap ToImage(int pageIndex, int width, int height);
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